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Bridge Fiction

Destiny at Bay by Victor Mollo
A brand new collection of stories from my favorite author. Join the proceedings at the Griffin's Bridge Club and enjoy hand after amazing hand. A great way to learn to see what must be or cannot be in order to achieve success. This collection, released in August 2000, includes more stories involving the Hideous Hog, Rueful Rabbit, the Secretary Bird, Papa the Greek, Walter the Walrus, Colin the Corgi, and Molly the Mule. Soon after beginning to read you will recognize these players from your own club!
Bridge in the Menagerie by Victor Mollo
This book, first published more then 20 years ago is the best in bridge fiction by my favorite author. Mollo will teach you about bridge (not just the mechanics but the HUMAN side as well) in an entertaining and delightful way. Each of the characters is an animal but easily recognized as the people you have met at the table first-hand! Meet the Hideous Hog the know-it-all club expert that is always ready to teach the even unwanted lesson. Meet the Rueful Rabbit that knows very well that he is no expert but always manages to find a way to do the right thing, even if for the wrong reason. Meet the Secretary Bird that knows the laws of the game and insists that they be applied to the letter which is usually to his own downfall. There are countless other characters. A great read and a great gift.
Bridge in the Fourth Dimension by Victor Mollo
The sequel to Bridge in the Menagerie and equally as entertaining. More adventures at the Griffin's Bridge Club with the Hideous Hog, Walter the Walrus, the Rueful Rabbit, and the rest of the members. Wonderful hands and a wonderful read.
  Winning Bridge in the Menagerie by Victor Mollo and Robert King
Hands from Victor Mollo's book Winning Bridge played by the characters from the Griffin's Bridge Club. All the familiar players are there. This is not only well written but instructive as well.
  The Hog in the 21st Century by Phillip and Robert King
Phillip and Robert King carry on the tradition of the Griffin's Bridge and famed menagerie. With permission from the late Victor Mollo's wife they have kept alive all of your favorite characters and teach you a little bit of bridge along the way.

Beginner Textbooks

Club Series Text by Audrey Grant
A starting primer for the beginning player. This introductory text covers the fundamentals of the game with a primary focus on the basic skills of bidding, play, and defense. Perfect for group lessons or for the self taught individuals. A well thought out book in a workbook/textbook style. This is the text you will need if you are taking my  Beginning Bridge course.
Diamond Series Text by Audrey Grant
A follow up to the first text (Club Series Text) written in the same style and with a focus on play of the hand. Covers the fundamentals of play, trick development, and making a plan as declarer. This is the text you will need if you are taking my Introduction to Play of the Hand course.
Heart Series Text by Audrey Grant
The third in this series of textbooks. This one deals with the fundamentals of defensive play. It covers, opening lead, second hand play, third hand play, basic signals, and making a defensive plan. This is the text you will need if you are taking my Introduction to Defensive Play course.
Commonly Used Conventions by Audrey Grant
Perfect introduction for all those conventions that you run into when you take up the duplicate form of the game. Conventions covered include Stayman, Jacoby Transfers, Jacoby 2NT Major Suit Response, Jordon 2NT, Weak Two bids, and Strong 2, Also covers the basic ACBL Convention Card.
  More Commonly Used Conventions by Audrey Grant
More conventions from the duplicate world including Negative doubles, Two-suited overcalls, Blackwood, Gerber, signals, and the basic two-over-one approach.

Books for the Bridge Student

Modern Bridge Conventions by William Root
I am often asked by students for a solid reference book on conventions. William Root is good author and presents the material in an easily understandable style. If you are just getting into duplicate and want to learn all the gadgets played by the more experienced players then this is the best book on the subject in print today. It covers transfers, Lebensohl, Gerber, Blackwood, Negative Doubles, Splinter Bids, Forcing 1NT, Unusual No Trump, Michaels Cue Bids, and more. A good reference book for your library.
Commonsense Bidding by William Root
A great overview of the modern bidding approach and written in an easy to understand style. William Root has outlined the modern five card major bidding approach. If Goren is the only reference book you have on your shelf then this book is for you.
How to Play a Bridge Hand by William Root
The same solid style that William Root has used on his other books carries through on this book on Play of the Hand. Very solid and a great book for the serious student of the game.
Watson's Play of the Hand by Louis H. Watson
This book is a classic. I do not know a single accomplished bridge player that does not have a copy in their library. First published in 1934 it covers more aspects on play of the hand then any other book still in print. Not a book to read like a novel, but a book to study. If you buy and use this book your play will definitely improve.
  How to Play Card Combinations by Mike Lawrence
A study of a number of frequently encountered combinations. Read this a come away with a great understanding of how your approach might differ based on the available entries and information. Mike Lawrence is one of the best bridge authors of today.
  How to Read Your Opponents' Cards by Mike Lawrence
This is a classic work by Mike Lawrence. Learn how to read what the other players hold by what they do and what they do not do at the table. The clues are there you just have to learn to recognize them.
  Standard Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century by Mike Lawrence and Max Hardy
A modern updated version of what the top players consider to be standard bidding methods. A comprehensive overview of the modern five-card major style.
  Bridge for Dummies by Eddie Kantar
You knew it had to be published eventually. Everything on the planet has a "Whatever for Dummies" book. This one is written by a fantastic author. Eddie Kantar has a great and clear style. I am sure you will enjoy this one.
  Introduction to Declarer's Play by Eddie Kantar
The basics of declarer play covered by one of the premier bridge authors of today. Clear and concise style makes Kantar and easy read.
  Introduction to Defender's Play by Eddie Kantar
More basics by Kantar, this time covering the defensive aspect of the game. I easily recommend any book written by Edie Kantar.
  Bridge Conventions by Eddie Kantar
This book is a classic. It has taught more duplicate players the proper use of most common conventions than any other. This is the book I used more than 25 years ago. I think it should be in every bridge players library.

Bridge Reference Books

Official Encyclopedia of Bridge
A great reference book that should be on the shelf of every serious student of the game. Published by the ACBL this book covers almost every aspect of the game. Like any other encyclopedia it does not cover every topics in great depth but does provide enough information to answer most questions. Includes terms, people, history, conventions, bidding systems, and (perhaps the most valuable of all) a big reference section on card combinations and the best percentage plays. This book belongs in your bridge library. Makes a great gift.
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