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September 14, 1999
Interesting Hand

Here is a cute hand I recently came across.

Sitting South you find yourself in 4heart.gif (841 bytes). The opening lead is the diamond.gif (837 bytes)A. At trick two West leads the diamond.gif (837 bytes)Q. Can you see how to make the hand?

spade.gif (842 bytes)KQJ1062
heart.gif (841 bytes)542
diamond.gif (837 bytes)5
West club.gif (841 bytes)862 East
spade.gif (842 bytes)84 spade.gif (842 bytes)9753
heart.gif (841 bytes)9 heart.gif (841 bytes)763
diamond.gif (837 bytes)AQJ108642 diamond.gif (837 bytes)K
club.gif (841 bytes)J7 South club.gif (841 bytes)K10953
spade.gif (842 bytes)A
heart.gif (841 bytes)AKQJ108
diamond.gif (837 bytes)973
club.gif (841 bytes)AQ4


The answer if ruffing your losers in the dummy.

Not your diamond losers, your club losers!

Discard two clubs from the dummy on the second and third lead of diamonds. You can trump your clubs safely in the North hand.

Any shift at trick three to any other suit does the defense no good.

A club shift gives you 6 hearts, 2 spades, 2 clubs, and 1 club ruff for 11 tricks.

On a trump or spade shift you simply play your last diamond and discard a club anyway! Making 10 tricks.

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Gary King

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