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January 5, 2002
A Season of Giving

A Season of Giving

The Scorecard is the publication for ACBL District 16. I was asked and consented to write a regular column aimed at the 0-299 masterpoint player. I will post my columns here as they may be of benefit to the same readers that benefit from my newsletter.

Scorecard, Volume 34, No 1 - January/February 2002

In the 1930�s Milton Work providing 50 bridge hands for the Lucky Strike tobacco company. These hands were enclosed within tins of packaged cigarettes in the form of a cardboard game piece that allowed the "player" to solve the hand in a double dummy style.

For those of you that are unfamiliar, "double dummy" refers to a problem where all hands are exposed. The idea is to find the line of play that will let you make the contract (looking at all four hands!). The solution must work irrespective of any defensive action. You may assume that the defenders can see all four hands as well.

I have selected a few of the problems for your pleasure. These somewhat involve the season appropriate theme of giving (yes, that is a hint). These are not unbelievably difficult, but enjoyable.

The answers are at the end.

No. 1 North
spade.gif (842 bytes)Q97
heart.gif (841 bytes)642
diamond.gif (837 bytes)6532
West club.gif (841 bytes)864 East
spade.gif (842 bytes)63 spade.gif (842 bytes)K4
heart.gif (841 bytes)J93 heart.gif (841 bytes)K1075
diamond.gif (837 bytes)1074 diamond.gif (837 bytes)KJ9
club.gif (841 bytes)QJ953 South club.gif (841 bytes)K1072
spade.gif (842 bytes)AJ10852
heart.gif (841 bytes)AQ8
diamond.gif (837 bytes)AQ8
club.gif (841 bytes)A

South declares a contract of 4spade.gif (842 bytes). The opening lead is the club.gif (841 bytes)Q. South to take eleven tricks against any defense.

No. 2 North
spade.gif (842 bytes)964
heart.gif (841 bytes)Q9
diamond.gif (837 bytes)432
West club.gif (841 bytes)QJ973 East
spade.gif (842 bytes)10873 spade.gif (842 bytes)KQJ
heart.gif (841 bytes)64 heart.gif (841 bytes)753
diamond.gif (837 bytes)1085 diamond.gif (837 bytes)KJ96
club.gif (841 bytes)10542 South club.gif (841 bytes)AK6
spade.gif (842 bytes)A52
heart.gif (841 bytes)AKJ1082
diamond.gif (837 bytes)AQ7
club.gif (841 bytes)8

South declares a contract of 4heart.gif (841 bytes). The opening lead is the spade.gif (842 bytes)3. South to take ten tricks against any defense.

No. 3 North
spade.gif (842 bytes)A74
heart.gif (841 bytes)Q98
diamond.gif (837 bytes)85
West club.gif (841 bytes)109642 East
spade.gif (842 bytes)KQ9 spade.gif (842 bytes)865
heart.gif (841 bytes)1064 heart.gif (841 bytes)J7532
diamond.gif (837 bytes)A1074 diamond.gif (837 bytes)QJ9
club.gif (841 bytes)753 South club.gif (841 bytes)K8
spade.gif (842 bytes)J1032
heart.gif (841 bytes)AK
diamond.gif (837 bytes)K632
club.gif (841 bytes)AQJ

South declares a contract of 3NT. The opening lead is the diamond.gif (837 bytes)4. South to take nine tricks against any defense.

No. 4 North
spade.gif (842 bytes)1075
heart.gif (841 bytes)9742
diamond.gif (837 bytes)A95
West club.gif (841 bytes)1076 East
spade.gif (842 bytes)A98 spade.gif (842 bytes)6432
heart.gif (841 bytes)6 heart.gif (841 bytes)853
diamond.gif (837 bytes)J10874 diamond.gif (837 bytes)K62
club.gif (841 bytes)8432 South club.gif (841 bytes)KQJ
spade.gif (842 bytes)KQJ
heart.gif (841 bytes)AKQJ10
diamond.gif (837 bytes)Q3
club.gif (841 bytes)A95

South declares 4heart.gif (841 bytes). The opening lead is the diamond.gif (837 bytes)J. South to take ten tricks against any defense.


No. 1
Win the club.gif (841 bytes)A and play a small spade to the spade.gif (842 bytes)7 (GIVING up a trick to the spade.gif (842 bytes)K). You now have the needed entries to establish and cash the diamond suit. Win any return (finessing in hearts or diamonds as necessary), spade to the spade.gif (842 bytes)9, diamond finesse, diamond.gif (837 bytes)A, and give up a diamond. The spade.gif (842 bytes)Q now provides an entry to the thirteenth diamond. Eleven tricks (5 spades, 2 hearts, 3 diamonds, and 1 club).

No. 2
Win the spade.gif (842 bytes)A and GIVE East a top club by leading the club.gif (841 bytes)8. If West does not cover, play low from dummy. If West covers the club.gif (841 bytes)8, then you cover as well from dummy. East will win a top club honor and cash two spades. Win any return and use the two heart entries to take a ruffing finesse in clubs, discard your losing diamond, and take the diamond finesse. Ten tricks (1 spade, 6 hearts, 2 diamonds, and 1 club).

No. 3
Silently thank West for GIVING you a diamond trick. Win the diamond.gif (837 bytes)K, cash the heart.gif (841 bytes)A and heart.gif (841 bytes)K, cash the club.gif (841 bytes)A, and lead the club.gif (841 bytes)Q. East will win the club.gif (841 bytes)K and the defense will cash three diamond tricks. Whatever West leads next you will win in dummy, discarding the club.gif (841 bytes)J on the heart.gif (841 bytes)Q. Cash the good clubs in dummy. Nine tricks (1 spade, 3 hearts, 1 diamond, and 4 clubs).

No. 4
Play a low diamond from dummy and when East wins the diamond.gif (837 bytes)K GIVE up the diamond.gif (837 bytes)Q by throwing it under the diamond.gif (837 bytes)K! You can now win any return, pull trump, establish two spades, and take a simple diamond finesse against the diamond.gif (837 bytes)10. Ten tricks (2 spades, 5 hearts, 2 diamonds, and 1 club).

I hope you enjoyed these small problems. Happy holidays!

Let me hear from you.

-Gary King

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